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Risk identification is the first step in risk management.   What are your exposures?  What is your position following a disastrous property, liability or crime loss?  Asking the essential questions is a process few people understand.  The service is only rarely provided by the insurance industry. 

Comparing identified risk to the technical quality of a buyer's insurance program is a highly complex task.  Since 1984 I have performed risk assessment and independent audits of commercial insurance programs across the United States.  I do not sell insurance and am not affiliated with any insurance company or sales agency.  Very few people in the United States and Canada independently perform this service on an executive level.  The number may be under 300.

I have provided litigation support and expert witness services to law firms since 1993.

The purpose of this web page is to provide information about the scope of my practice and experience.  You will find examples, a lengthy representative client list, and contact information.   A resume is included for law firms seeking expert witness or litigation support services.

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